Tastes so good … you won’t believe it’s gluten-free



Pricing for wedding and specialty cakes is dependant on the complexity of the design.


Wedding & Specialty Cakes

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Wedding cakes

We have completed numerous tiered wedding cakes where all the tiers were edible or in some instances, only the top tier was edible with the remaining tiers being for show. Typically, when that was requested, we’d suggest either cupcakes or a slab cake be served to guests.

Specialty cakes

Have you got a special celebration in mind that needs something unique to fit the occasion? We have several images above to get your creative ideas flowing.

Decorations and Fillings

We can use buttercream icing (using real butter), dairy free icing, cream cheese icing, whipped cream, or fondant. We do suggest, however, that the time of year and whether the venue has adequate refrigeration available to store the cake before service may preclude a few of these as excessive heat would melt buttercream icing for instance.

Additional decorations can include designs in royal icing and/or flowers made from gum paste. We can also work with a florist to create a living cake topper or add individual flowers set in water-picks. Numbers of clients have also provided us with images of cakes for us to replicate the design.

Fillings can be the same icing used to cover the cake or we can use lemon curd, raspberry filling, or whipped chocolate ganache.

Ordering info

Wedding cakes are done completely to order so we request a mimimum of 4 weeks notice to ensure your cake is completed to your satisfaction. However, if you would like to include Fruit cake which has been aged in rum, then no less than 90 days is required to allow the aging process to finish adequately. For Specialty cakes, depending on the complexity of the order, we request a mimimum of 2 weeks notice.