Tastes so good … you won’t believe it’s gluten-free



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We offer: Almond butter, Apple spice, Chocolate chip, Empire*, Ginger snaps*, Oatmeal chocolate chip, Oatmeal raisin, Shortbread*, Speculaas* (Dutch almond & spice cookies), Sugar cookies*.

*Available October through April.


All our muffins are dairy-free. We’ve also adapted our banana muffin recipes to make an egg-free version by replacing the egg with ground flax seed. These are available upon request only.

We generally make one type of muffin daily from the following: Banana & chocolate chip, Banana blueberry, Banana pecan, Blueberry, Carrot & raisins, Carrot pecan, Carrot & zucchini with raisins, Lemon & blueberries, Lemon & cranberries, Lemon poppy seed, Mixed fruit, Pumpkin date, Pumpkin pecan, Zucchini & raisins, and Zucchini pecan.